Social Insects Inspire Disaster Relief Efforts in North America

If you have created something social insect themed to help benefit those that have been affected by natural disasters throughout North America, and would like to advertise it on the IUSSI-NAS website, please email the relevant information to Jenny Jandt.

2017 Hurricane Maria Carribbean Pollinator Rescue

Our colleagues in Puerto Rico, along with the Pollinator Partnership, have started a campaign to help restore the beekeeping industry and pollinator health post Hurricane Maria.

Caribbean Pollinator Rescue: Fundraiser, benefiting beekeepers and pollinator conservation efforts in Puerto Rico US Virgin Islands, and Dominica.

Last day to donate, and get a really cool t-shirt! Click here for more information.

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Eickwort and La Fage Awards – Call for Nominations

The Awards Committee is now accepting applications for our two student recognition awards – The Jeffery P. La Fage Award for Applied Research on Social Insects and the George C. Eickwort Student Research Award. Please see the attached documents for more information. Send your nominations to Stephen Pratt ( by October 24, 2017.

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American Association of Professional Apiculturists Awards

At our last meeting AAPA membership in attendance has approved a creation of two new awards. We are very excited to announce the Postdoc travel award and the Extension/outreach award. We are also continuing the tradition of supporting our students with the AAPA scholarship and the presentation awards.

The deadline for ALL awards is November 1, 2017 except for the student presentation awards which are given out at the annual meeting. Please see the attached guidelines and let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to share these announcements with others, but also please note that the applicants must be AAPA members at the time of application. We will do our best to announce the winners of the Postdoc award and the Extension/outreach award by mid-December.

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Awardees Announced for Jeanne and Tschinkel Grants

Congratulations to our 2017 award winners of the Tschinkel Ant Natural History Research Grant and the Robert L. and Louise B. Jeanne Social Wasp Research Grant.

2017 Tschinkel Ant Natural History Research Grant: Kim Drager
2017 Robert L. and Louise B. Jeanne Social Wasp Research Grant: Katherine Fiocca

Unfortunately, no award will be given this year for the William L. and Ruth D. Nutting Research Grant, because the Awards Committee received no applications.

A big THANK YOU to our IUSSI-NAS Awards Committee: Terry McGlynn and Stephen Pratt (Co-Chairs), Rebecca Clark, Hongmei Li-Byarlay, Juliana Rangel, and Chris Smith.

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IUSSI- New Logo!

Congratulations to Andrew Hoadley! IUSSI-NAS members voted his design to represent our society (shown in the header of the website).

You can contact or follow Andrew, as well as the other artists that submitted an image. You will find their contact information listed below their submitted image.

We thank all of our artists and all of our members for voting.


Andrew Hoadley (email) @aphoadley


Prashant Waiker (email)

Nadia Tsvetkov (email)

Daniel Friedman (website)

Hannah Levenson (email)

Babak Yousefi (email)

Colin Brent (email)

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