The 2nd Pollinator Insect Forum

Confirmed and supported by the General Council, the Entomological Society of China, the 2nd Pollinator Insect Forum will be held in Beijing, 26-30 May 2017. This forum is organised by the Special Committee on Pollinator Insects, the Entomological Society of China, supported by the Youth Committee, the Entomological Society of China and the Ecological Society of Beijing. This forum will focus on pollination function research, scientific reports and a workshop on pollinator insects. Special committee and delegates will also discuss the issues about the Special Committee on Pollinator Insects, working group and capacity-building and the possibility of the Chinese Chapter of International Union for the Study of Social Insects (IUSSI).

For more information, click here.

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5th Workshop on Biological Distributed-Algorithms (BDA 2017)

The 5th Workshop on Biological Distributed Algorithms (BDA 2017)
July 28, 2017 in Washington, DC, USA. Co-located with PODC 2017
We are excited to announce the 5th workshop on Biological Distributed
Algorithms (BDA). The aim of the workshop is to foster collaborative research
between biologists and distributed computing theory researchers, with the hope
of producing better understanding of the behavior of distributed biological
systems, as well as new ideas for design of algorithms for engineered or
computational networks.
BDA 2017 will include presentations on distributed algorithms related to a
variety of biological systems, with special attention to communication and
coordination in insect colonies (e.g. foraging, navigation, task allocation,
construction) and networks in the brain (e.g. learning, decision-making,
This is a one-day workshop.
We solicit submissions of extended abstracts describing recent results
relevant to biological distributed computing. We especially welcome extended
abstracts describing new insights and / or case studies regarding the
relationship between distributed computing and biological systems even if
these are not fully formed. Since a major goal of the workshop is to explore
new directions and approaches, we especially encourage the submission of
ongoing work. Selected contributors would be asked to present, discuss and
defend their work at the workshop. By default, the submissions will be
evaluated for either oral or poster presentation, though authors may indicate
in their submission if it should be only considered for one of the
presentation types. Submissions should be in PDF and include title, author
information, and a 4-page extended abstract. Shorter submissions are also
welcome, particularly for poster presentation.
Please use the following EasyChair submission link:
Note: The workshop will not include published proceedings. In particular, we
welcome submissions of extended abstracts describing work that has appeared or
is expected to appear in other venues.
April 28, 2017 – Extended abstract submission deadline
May 28, 2017 – Decision notifications
July 28, 2017 – Workshop
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NAS-IUSSI New Logo Competition

Are you tired of seeing this (beautiful) wasp drawing on all official NAS-IUSSI business matters?

Do you want to assume the challenge of creating something new, something even more awesome, to represent NAS-IUSSI? Do you want bragging rights that YOUR ART is the new face of our society? Do you want $100 to purchase celebratory refreshments, streamers and balloons when you become THE OFFICIAL ARTIST of NAS-IUSSI?

Then embrace your human equivalent of supra- and sub-esophageal ganglia, grab your pencils, pens, or image drawing software, and draw us a new logo!


  1. There are no rules on what you can draw. Be creative. Have fun!
  2. This contest is designed to be a fun way for some of you creative folk to contribute to your society. We will only accept submissions from amateur artists who are members of NAS-IUSSI and their students.
  3. Submit images as jpeg or png files to
  4. Deadline to receive images is March 31, 2017
  5. Beginning of April, the society will vote for their favorite image.
  6. The winner will be awarded $100, and a banner will be displayed on the NAS-IUSSI website to inform the world of your brilliant contribution to our society.

Questions regarding the logo competition can be sent to Jenny at

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Awardees Announced for Eickwort and La Fage Student Awards

The Awards Committee (Terry McGlynn and Stephen Pratt (Co-Chairs), Rebecca Clark, Hongmei Li-Byarlay, Juliana Rangel, and Chris Smith) have announced the awardees for the 2016 Eickwort and La Fage Student Awards. These recipients were selected from a wide field of applicants and are deserving of our congratulations.

George C. Eickwort Student Research Award – Marek Borowiec

Jeffery P. La Fage Student Award for Applied Research on Social Insect Pests – Kaira Wagoner

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Termite Class this Summer

Termite Course 2017, ENY 4221 / ENY 6248
June 19-23 2017
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA

This summer, the University of Florida Entomology and Nematology Department is offering a unique week-long workshop on termite biology on June 19-23 2017. This course provides a wide perspective on termite biology (evolution, diversity, ecology, behavior, symbiosis, distribution, morphology, control, collection techniques).  This session includes field collection trips and classes.

The course will take place at the UF/IFAS Ft. Lauderdale Research and Education Center, and is organized by Dr. Thomas Chouvenc, Rudolf Scheffrahn, Nan-Yao Su and William Kern.

We highly encourage students and other academics to participate to this workshop, as it provides in-depth insight to many aspects of termite biology, within the general framework of the study of social insects

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Awardees Announced for Jeanne, Nutting and Tschinkel Grants

Our hard-working Awards Committee (Stephen Pratt [chair], Terry McGlynn, and Chris Smith) have announced the awardees for this year’s crop of research grants. These recipients were selected from a wide field of applicants and are deserving of our congratulations. The official announcement can be found here.

Jeanne Social Wasp Research Grant – Cameron Fay

Nutting Termite Research Grant – Mark Janwiecki

Tschinkel Ant Natural History Research Grant – Brian Haney

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