Candidates Needed for Secretary and Treasurer Positions

We are seeking nominations for the positions of Secretary and Treasurer (now separate roles) for IUSSI-NAS. Please nominate yourself or another society member you think would not only be exceptional in this position, but who would also be likely to accept the nomination. We have recently revised these positions in our Constitution and the responsibilities of each are described below. Please send your nomination to by November 4, 2016.

*Secretary: *The Secretary shall keep the records of the Section, convey information between the executive committee and the membership, maintain the Section website, and prepare documents for meetings including program preparation and taking minutes. The Secretary will also maintain an updated list of active members, officers, and award recipients.

*Treasurer: *The Treasurer is authorized to handle all accounts of the Section, collecting annual dues and any other payments or contributions, managing financial accounts, disbursing awards, keeping accurate books of the Section finances, and presenting a statement of the receipts, expenditures, and funds of the Section at the annual business meeting. The Treasurer is also responsible for ensuring the maintenance of the Section’s tax-exempt status and EIN with the U.S. IRS, and filing all tax forms as required on an annual basis.

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Call for IUSSI-NAS Position Nominations

We are seeking to fill several empty seats in various committees for IUSSI-NAS and want your nominations fro these positions.

1. President Elect: The President Elect serves on the Executive Committee for 3 years; first as President-Elect, then President, then as former President.

2. Secretary/Treasurer: The Secretary Treasurer will serve for 3 years and is in charge of record keeping and funds of the Section.

3. Nominations Committee (1 position): The new member of the Nominations Committee would join the two current members and serve for 3 years in organizing elections.

4. Awards Committee (3 positions): These members will join two current members to collectively oversee administration of all awards for the Section.

Please nominate yourself or other members who you feel would be well qualified for the job (self nominations are very much encouraged). After nominees have been identified, an election will be held. Additional information on these positions can be found here.

Please send your nomination to by September 2, 2016.

Thank you for your participation!

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Awardees Announced for Jeanne, Nutting and Tschinkel Grants

Our hard-working Awards Committee (Stephen Pratt [chair], Terry McGlynn, and Chris Smith) have announced the awardees for this year’s crop of research grants. These recipients were selected from a wide field of applicants and are deserving of our congratulations. The official announcement can be found here.

Jeanne Social Wasp Research Grant – Cameron Fay

Nutting Termite Research Grant – Mark Janwiecki

Tschinkel Ant Natural History Research Grant – Brian Haney

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